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Celebrity Caster (CC) is a free information bank which allows you to read the article about American Celebrities, British Celebrities, Russian Celebrities and the rest of world celebrities. Our team is constantly scanning the world wide web to give you valuable information to our users. Our CC team provide and master you from updated info. In addition to the traditional blogs, CC has these extra features:

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All CC files are according to latest news in search engine. Now latest articles are waiting for you. Why you go else where?


All CC files (Images, Text, Audio, Video) have the full download functionality. Enjoy now with full featured HD and 4K contents with no watermark.

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Most of CC articles have the android apps. Just search our Android Apps in the Google Play Store. Now a days android apps have a lot of growth in the world. I decided to provide android app as well for books. Why I made android app? Because once you download and install app, no need to worry about remembering website address and hence you can read app more comfortably. Android app Articles links are provided to the audience under this section.


The same article is accessible from your computer browser, mobile devices browser and android application that have internet connection.

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You can filter and sort CC articles by date, category, most visited and by popularity.

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