Taylor Swift’s Alleged Stalker Nabbed Again: Second Arrest Outside NYC Home Raises Concerns


Security Scare Continues as Suspected Stalker Detained for the Second Time in Just 3 Days Near Taylor Swift’s New York City Residence

New York City witnessed a second arrest in just three days concerning the alleged stalker from Seattle, David Crowe, outside the residence of global pop sensation Taylor Swift. The troubling incidents have heightened security concerns around the “Shake It Off” singer’s NYC home.

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On Monday, Crowe, 33, was apprehended by police near Swift’s residence, sporting an unkempt beard and long brown hair. Witnesses reported his inquiries about Swift’s whereabouts, prompting a member of Swift’s security team to alert patrolling police officers. Law enforcement officials witnessed Crowe allegedly harassing multiple people, leading to his arrest on charges of two counts each of harassment and stalking.

Video footage obtained by The Post shows Crowe handcuffed with his hands behind his back, surrounded by uniformed officers. He was subsequently escorted to the 1st Precinct station in Lower Manhattan.

This second arrest follows an earlier incident on Saturday when Crowe was initially taken into custody by police on Franklin Street. The call to authorities mentioned a “disorderly person,” and the subsequent arrest revealed that Crowe had failed to answer a summons from 2015.

While Taylor Swift was away in Buffalo for her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s NFL playoff game on Sunday, Crowe was reportedly seen around her NYC home on Monday. Swift returned to the city on the same day, unaware of the developing situation.

The source of concern stems from Crowe’s persistent presence around Swift’s neighborhood, with reports indicating that he had been seen walking around the area for several weeks. The continuous nature of these incidents raises questions about the effectiveness of current security measures in place.

As the NYPD investigates the circumstances surrounding Crowe’s arrests and his proximity to Taylor Swift’s residence, fans and the public await updates on the singer’s safety and any additional security measures that may be implemented to safeguard her well-being. The disturbing pattern of incidents underscores the challenges faced by high-profile individuals like Taylor Swift in managing their personal security amidst fan attention and potential threats.

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