Becky G Calls ‘The Fire Inside’ Oscar Nod ‘My Dreams Coming True’


In a heartwarming Instagram video, Becky G, the Mexican-American artist, shared her emotional reaction after learning that “The Fire Inside,” a song from the film Flamin’ Hot, received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. Dressed in a Taylor Swift The Eras Tour crewneck, Becky fought back tears as she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the film alongside its talented crew.

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In the video, Becky G conveyed the deep significance of the film, stating, “This film, this team, this song represents something close to my heart. It is my heart. This is literally one of my dreams coming true in front of the world, so I just wanted to share that with you guys and say thank you. Thank you.”

“The Fire Inside,” written by Diane Warren and performed by Becky G, faces competition from other nominees, including American Symphony’s “It Never Went Away,” Killers of the Flower Moon’s “Wahzhazhe,” and two hits from the Barbie soundtrack, “I’m Just Ken” and “What Was I Made For?”

Flamin’ Hot, marking Eva Longoria’s feature-directing debut, follows the journey of Richard Montañez, from a janitor to the mastermind behind a Cheeto flavor that revolutionizes the chip industry.

Becky G expressed her congratulations to Diane Warren and Eva Longoria, stating, “When icons like Diane and Eva invite you to be a part of anything, YOU SAY YES OK???? Thank you for trusting me to bring part of this vision to life.”

The singer and actress, who began her career as a child actor at age nine, emphasized her diverse musical journey, ranging from English-language hits like “Shower” to pop and reggaeton successes. In October, Becky G revealed to Thalía in an interview for Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians issue that her Coachella performance inspired her to create her latest mariachi album, “Esquinas,” celebrating her Mexican heritage.

Becky G’s heartfelt response to the Oscar nomination reflects not only her personal triumph but also the cultural pride she carries in representing both her hometown and Mexican heritage on a global stage. The Oscars are scheduled for March 10 and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

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