Travis Kelce’s Chiefs Teammates’ Playful Response to Taylor Swift Tunes During Practice Revealed


Discover the Lighthearted Dynamics Unveiled as Kansas City Chiefs Players Jam to Taylor Swift’s Hits in Behind-the-Scenes Practice Moments with DJ Kelce.

The camaraderie within the Kansas City Chiefs is likened to a tight-knit family, and linebacker Drue Tranquill provides insights into how the team playfully handles moments involving Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s music during practices.

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In a recent interview with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio, Tranquill delves into the evolving team culture since Kelce’s public relationship with the renowned singer began in September 2023. Despite the increased attention and popularity, Tranquill emphasizes that the locker room atmosphere remains unchanged.

While the team doesn’t let the newfound fame get to their heads, they do indulge in occasional light-hearted teasing, especially when a Taylor Swift song plays during practice. Tranquill shares that these moments are opportunities for good-natured banter among teammates.

He acknowledges that the chatter about Kelce’s relationship and Swift’s music is more prominent outside the building, particularly from wives and girlfriends. However, he views it as a cause for celebration and considers the dynamic “something fun” within the team.

Tranquill remarks, “You know, we enjoy poking fun at Travis, but it seems like maybe they’re in love, man. They got something really going, and we enjoy having her at our games.” He highlights Swift’s presence, bringing energy and fun to the games, which, in turn, enhances the experience for fans, making it “good for business, good for football, and good for the NFL.” The Chiefs embrace the playful moments, showcasing their unity and positive team spirit even amidst the spotlight on Travis Kelce’s personal life.

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